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Ondamed or as I like to call it On-the-mend has been upgraded. There is now a fingertip sensor to check the pulse and oxygen level before and after treatment.

Ondamed is a PEMF based on Chinese medical theory of meridians (highways of energy) which run through various organs and when blocked in certain areas can cause dysfunction, pain, inflammation and disease. Ondamed uses pulsed sound and electromagnetic frequency waves to balance, harmonize and unblock meridians in the body. By unblocking certain pathways and providing concepts of microbial frequency elimination, the bodies innate ability to fight microbes and infections, balance hormone functions, detoxify and to reduce pain and inflammation is heightened and supported. Ondamed provides pulsed-frequencies which may correlate to the frequencies of various microbes and toxins, the body has a chance to produce counter pulses in between the Ondamed pulses thereby, accelerating and supporting functions of the immune, detoxing, musculoskeletal, cognitive system and assist the body in cleansing the matrix.

Ondamed is a biofeedback device with CPT codes that can be submitted to your insurance, I can give you an insurance form.


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  1. Wendi  September 12, 2017

    Wow, sounds very intriguing! There are definitely ways for our bodies to heal via unlocking those energy pathways. And I do hope insurance companies accept and help with these new treatments. There’s so much to learn about our body and its energy, and how and why we get “blocked” due to so many outside circumstances. Issues we “hold on to”, and so on….. I will read up on this. Thank you for sharing, and good luck with it!! I’m a total believer in our energy, and our body’s ability to heal!

    Wendi Hintzsche


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