Are Your Eggs Fresh?

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Eggs are a staple of our diet here at The Hart Center. Eggs are a great protein source. They are also a great source of various minerals and vitamins that help support a healthy body. With all the different ways eggs get advertised, it can be hard to know which brand or kind is the best. Well, we are here to help you understand the different claims that can go onto egg cartons.

Eggs have a unique way of dating their freshness. Each carton is typically stamped with the date in which the egg was packaged, however the date used it called the “Julian Date”. This date is shown just as a number, which represents the day of the year and is numbered 001-365. Being able to pick out the freshest eggs at the store helps make sure they have more nutrients, and stay fresher longer.

You can also get eggs directly from a farmer. Typically, these eggs are fresher and of better quality, but you can check for yourself with a few quick tips. When looking at an egg held up to a light source, you should be able to see a small empty space. The larger this space is, the older the egg is. This is due to the air exchange that happens through the shell. After an egg has been cracked, you can check the shell for brittleness, and the yolk for color. A more brittle shell shows a lack of minerals and vitamins variety in the chickens diet. Richer and deeper coloring that tends towards orange are indicative of vibrant healthy nutrients.

Pay attention to these different qualities in eggs the next few times you buy them. Being able to recognize freshness and quality will help with maintaining a more nutrient rich diet and prevent food spoilage.

If you are looking for a farmer to purchase from, we highly recommend Rustic Road Farm. They also offer a CSA share of eggs for the season. If you would like more information on their farm, visit their Facebook page here. Stay tuned next week for a collection of delicious recipes using these amazing farm fresh eggs!


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