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If you haven’t read last weeks post on what type of eggs to buy, you should go check it out! There is a ton of information on how to check your eggs quickly for freshness, and helping you interpret the different labels on the egg cartons. You can click here to get you to that post.
For this week, we are building off of last weeks post, and publishing a few quick and easy egg recipes. Eggs make a great snack or even can be used as a full meal. Boiled eggs are easy, and there are plenty of variations on them. If you shock the eggs with ice water at about 6 minutes, you will have a slightly soft centers. If you would like a runny yolk, put the eggs into an ice bath closer to 4 minutes of cook time.
Sometimes boiled eggs can be a little bland, and a little salt and pepper can go a long way. Well, don’t be shy with trying other seasonings as well! Sprinkling some of your favorite herb mix can be just the thing to revive your love of eggs! Another favorite here at the Hart Center is to put eggs into a marinade. The easiest one is to mix a 1:1 ratio of tamari or liquid coconut amino’s and water. Let the eggs soak in this mixture overnight, and then remove. These eggs are great as a snack, or served on top of some homemade ramen!

Out of all the ways to use eggs, our favorite is definitely to help make a soup nice and creamy without having to use dairy.  If you are familiar with Avgolemono soup the technique is very similar. Just blend together 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for every egg you wish to add. Mix this mixture into the soup at the end while it is still simmering. Stir constantly, and soon you will see the broth thicken and appear milky in color. The recipe that inspired us to use this technique and add it into other soups can be viewed here. We have tried the recipe, and it is definitely a keeper, so make sure you try it too!

Hopefully this inspires you to go to your local farm and get some fresh eggs to incorporate into your meals! Enjoy!


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