Sugar Addiction

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Who is ready to break the cycle?

If you’re having a craving many time a piece of fruit can suffice. Many time I would make a smoothie with a banana and raw cacao, if it was chocolate I was desiring. Yes, 70 to 80% dark chocolate is healthy for you but there are undesirable things in there also.
The craving can also indicate a vitamin and mineral deficiency.

1. You eat sugar: you like it, you crave it; it has addictive properties.

2. Blood sugar level spike: dopamine is released in the brain = addiction; mass insulin is secreted to drop blood sugar level.

3. Blood sugar levels drop rapidly: high insulin levels cause immediate fat storage; body craves the lost sugar high.

4. Hunger and cravings: low blood sugar levels cause increased appetite and cravings thus the cycle is repeated.


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