Biophoton Realignment Mirror Therapy

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“Biophotons” by definition, only come from living organisms and not from machines. This proprietary technique using “Biophoton Realignment Mirrors” are unique in that they really give the body back its own “living light”.

This Biophoton Realignment Mirror Technique ensures that our body receives an ‘update’ from its own emanating light. This is reflected back through a filter and mirror system, whereby cellular reactions are instantaneously being ‘re-informed’ and so, in a ‘domino-like’ effect, cellular functionality is restored and starts to work how it’s innately meant to.

By using different materials as reflective mediums, such as pure gold, pure silver, and aluminium, it’s possible to reflect the whole spectrum of light that naturally emanates from our cells, including a small range of UV and also a near-infrared spectrum.

During the session, a fully-trained therapist will test to see which mirrors respond specifically to the needs of each individual patient. Also, during the session, the chaotic light gets realigned.

Our own “being” innately knows how to heal itself and so biophoton realignment therapy stimulates the body’s own self-alignment capacity by ‘re-informing’ it with its own living light.

Of course the body will recognize this light formation because it is a true reflection of itself.

The mirrors do not reflect the issues that we are facing, but they give us back our own ‘coherent’ light which is the real solution in eradicating our own personal pain and suffering.

Reflecting these optimum light particles back towards our own beings gives us a little ‘divine’ boost in our healing processes and self-regulatory systems.

Biophoton Realighnment Mirror Therapy is offered at The Hart Center on special this month.

A testamonial from today is the pain in the back of my leg first left after considerable heat produced, then it move into my spine where there was pain and with a twitch the pain was gone. It was very relaxing, and when it was finished I was so elated I wanted to cry. Thank you for a very cool experience today.


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