Naturopathy is natural health care that emphasizes holistic healthcare, preventative medicine and wellness. The focus is on the root cause, not just the symptoms and encompasses the whole person, body, mind, spirit by Educating, Not Medicating.

Our Mission is to Empower individuals with the knowledge necessary to take command of their health and fitness while simultaneously optimizing their health and vitality

Naturopathy is simple treatment changes to assist with better health whether there is an existing condition or to promote preventative health care:

  •  We treat all conditions and complement traditional medicine. A more natural, less harmful and non-invasive approach to healing. Naturopathy is most beneficial with chronic disorders, pain and multi-systemic disorders. Examinations are performed in private fully clothed.
  • Specializing in Natural Solutions to Chronic Health Conditions we treat Allergies, Asthma, Autoimmune Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Digestion, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Migraines, Natural or Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Management, Weight Loss.
  • The forms of analysis we use are Thermography (heat scan), Zyto, EVOX, ART Muscle Testing; and Ondamed..
  • Treatments incorporate one or more of the following: herbs, homeopathy, diet, lifestyle, mineral and enzyme supplements, detoxification, nutrition, low level laser therapy, light therapy, meditation, the subtle energy system, breathing techniques and/or simple movements exercises.


ONDAMED is based on the principle of electro-magnetic induction. The device produces a highly focused pulsed…. Click Image for More!

Color Light Therapy

Color Light Therapy Colored Light Therapy is based on the theory that light stimulus of the optic nerve sends information to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus helps to control physical and emotional well being…. Click Image for More!


Far Infrared

Far Infrared Detoxes heavy metals, pesticides and burns 600 calories in one half hour. Great for arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and LYME disease… Click Image for More!

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy adds more more oxygen to your body to achieve more energy and better circulation. Reduces the production of free radicals throughout the body. Also used for respiratory, neurological conditions and pain… Click Image for More!

ART Muscle Testing

Art Muscle Testing: Testing your body for sensitivities including allergies, Lyme, parasites, environmental toxins and hormones. Developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. Muscle testing can be used to see if a supplement product is good for you… Click Image for More!

ZYTO Elite

ZYTO Elite:  Scans your body organs & meridians to find imbalances then tells what you can do to treat these imbalances. Scans the spine and teeth and shows the stress profile of your body… Click Image for More!


LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) Q1000LLLT is therapeutic energy that can be used to reduce faulty brain proprioception… Click Image for More!

Vibrational Platform

Vibrational Platform:   The Vibrational Platform oscillates beneath the feet in order to safely and effectively transfer the stimulating movement every cell. This includes your muscles, bones, and soft tissues… Click Image for More!


Evox (with Zyto)

The Evox works with the Zyto Elite in order to do Perception Reframing. Perception Reframing is altering and creating awareness of the way different aspects of life or situations are thought of. Through the increased awareness, a healthier perception can be created. …. Click Image for More!

Laser (with Zyto)

The ZYTO Laser is a powerful new tool specifically developed for people that want to combine information and laser technology…Click Image for More!

Foot Detox

Foot Detox  The Foot Detox helps to remove toxins from the body through the feet…. Click Image for More!

our patients say it best:
  • I highly recommend Dr. Hart because she has incredible knowledge, extremely passionate about her work and patients.Her office setting doesn’t feel like a doctors office.Dr. Hart has great holistic products.She will make you laugh and feel better over all..–Verified Patient

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Hart’s for the last seven months, and it has been a great pleasure to visit her peaceful office. I truly look forward to going to the doctor, and I do not want to leave because it is a serene and health-filled experience. Dr. Hart has helped me treat my Lyme’s and Lyme’s co-infections, and she has helped me balance a number of other systems in my body. The Lyme’s is no longer active on the tests and the Babesia is nearly gone. Dr. Hart has trained with some of the nations leading doctors and she is very knowledgeable about numerous holistic treatments. She always offers the right amount of advice in a gentle, humble, and non-imposing way. Dr. Hart practices what she preaches because she herself takes many of the remedies that she recommends, and she keeps herself in optimal health. I highly recommend her services! –Jesica N. – Verified Patient

  • I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that I am feeling much better. I wish I saw you sooner! I started all the supplements on the same day that I saw you. My energy is back, sleeping better, and overall sense of feeling happy and good.
    Thank You!.–Verified Patient

  • Thanks, Dr. Hart. I’m doing so much better, I can’t believe it! I had a magnificent Tuesday last week after the magnesium and zinc! I haven’t felt that good in several years! But then, on Wednesday afternoon, I got severely dehydrated- or that’s what it felt like. I’ve been gaining strength everyday since. I’m almost back to where I was on Magical Tuesday. So, I’m ready to start scheduling the sauna treatments! Do you have any openings? Mornings would work best, but of course, whenever available.
    Many thanks!–Verified Patient

  • Since 2012 I have had chronic pain in my body, and seizures up to eight times a day because of Lyme Disease. I started seeing Dr. Hart in April, and noticed the first week I had went five days without a seizure. I have not had a break in the seizures since I started getting sick last year. I also have noticed that after a treatment from her state of the art machines, I feel uplifted and just in a better overall mental state.I continue to see Dr. Hart as she has been the only doctor that has given me relief. I saw 20 plus doctors before seeing her, and felt I was not getting the treatment I needed to get my life back. I would highly recommend her , as she is very knowledgeable about Lyme disease and co-infections.–TL – Verified Patient

  • Dear Dr. Hart,
    I must tell you that your treatment program has worked wonders on my shoulder injury. I’m not quite sure how it works but I certainly have seen significant improvement with much less pain and increased range of motion. Conventional treatment was not very effective and included the possibility of surgery, thanks for sharing your expertise with me, I am very impressed.
    Thanks,–JE – Verified Patient

  • Some good news…I took all the supplements you recommended today. After I left work I went shopping for some stuff for my house and also stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some apple cider vinegar to use on my hair and also for the Epsom salt baths. I’m mentioning this because this is slightly unusual for me. Usually when I leave work I am too tired to do anything and come home and don’t do much or if I do shop after work I mainly browse and don’t purchase anything b/c it takes too much energy to decide what I want. Tonight I bought several items, came home cooked..or reheated actually…some food rather than eating out, went thru some mail, and organized my place a bit. So, it’s been a fairly productive evening for me, relatively speaking. I don’t know if I can attribute that to the … so quickly but regardless I like the results and hopefully it will only get better from here! –RC – Verified Patient

  • After suffering for months and going to doctors and specialist I finally found this wonderful Naturopathic doctor who has lots of fancy devices. She is awesome and I finally feel completely great!!! So grateful. Thank you Melody Hart!!!–Verified Patient