Vibrational Platform

What is it? 
The Vibrational Platform oscillates beneath the feet in order to safely and effectively transfer the stimulating movement every cell. This includes your muscles, bones, and soft tissues.

How does it work?
The machine produces vertical vibrations from a side-alternating rocking movement. This stimulates the cells and the bodies involuntary reflex reaction. The muscles react up to 30 times per second and influences your body to work against a far greater load than what is actually there. The vibrational

What are the benefits?
The vibrational platform assists to increase oxygen circulation and increase the blood flow. The movements created increase muscle strength, tone and firm, improve flexibility and metabolism, decrease cellulite, assist in weight loss, improve mobility and coordination.

What is the procedure.
The patient stands on the platform while gently holding onto the arms for support. The platform beneath them will begin to rock side to side. This procedure lasts 10 minutes.