Zyto Elite

What is it?
The Zyto Elite is hand cradle that uses biocommunication to gather information about the body. It then displays that information, and then generate possible treatment protocols for major stressors detected.

How does it work?
The Zyto Elite hand cradle performs a biosurvey. A biosurvey sends out small energetic impulses called Virtual Stimulus Items. These VSI essentially are questions for the body to answer. Based on the body response, information is gathered and displayed at the end of the scan.

What are the benefits?
The major benefit to the Zyto Elite is identifying major stressors in the body. Knowledge of what is currently affecting the body provides the practitioner with more information in order to provide a better diagnosis. Through this it provides an individualized report that keeps your biological preferences in mind. By using the suggested protocols many different benefits can be achieved. These include but are not limited to an increase in energy, pain reduction, or better immune responses.

What is the procedure?
Your hand is placed on the cradle for an hour to an hour and a half. During this time the biosurvey is done. You will be emailed a report with all the information when the scan is completed.