What is it?
The ONDAMED is a safe, non-inasive diagnostic and treatment machine that gets to the heart of the problem. It’s unique PEMF technology utilizes Pulse Biofeedback in order to locate underlying dysfunction. The ONDAMED does not stop there, it can also be used to provide a customized treatment for each patient.

How does it work?
ONDAMED technology is based on electro-magnetic induction, which created a pulsed electromagnetic field. This highly concentrated and focused electromagnetic field is able to penetrate deep into the desired area of the body to painlessly assist in healing. This process helps to “jump-start” cellular repair and regeneration by bolstering ATP production. Basically, the ONDAMED helps to alert your own body to focus on healing where it is most important, by adding energy to the body.

What are the benefits?
Depending on the treatment provided, the ONDAMED can have many different benefits. It is able to relieve inflammation, pain, promote circulation, wound healing, bone re-growth, lymphatic relief, improve immune function, treat depression and even detox the body.

What is the procedure?
The PEMF matrix, which is similar to wearing a necklace and belt, is worn on the body. From there the diagnostician takes the pulse as you scan through the frequencies. This helps them to determine what organ or system needs to be balanced or supported. The process is painless and about an hour long.