What is it?
The Evox works with the Zyto Elite in order to do Perception Reframing. Perception Reframing is altering and creating awareness of the way different aspects of life or situations are thought of. Through the increased awareness, a healthier perception can be created.

How does it work?
The EVOX tracks the voices tones in order to create a map of how the mind is perceiving different aspects of life. An analysis is created called a Perception Index from his information. From this it then plays back information to bring the perception to a higher level of awareness and reframe it in a healthier perception.

What are the benefits?
Utilizing the EVOX can help to break poor perception habits. If a persons perception is always negative, then their reality can only been seen in a negative way. If this is brought to a more conscious level and reframed a better perception may be formed.
The main benefits would be increasing feeling awareness, and thought patterns. Through this, creating clarity can help to improve pain, moods, relationships and problem-solving techniques.

What is the procedure?
A headset is worn, and you place your hand on the Zyto hand cradle. After speaking to the headset about various stressors, you will begin to hear different music in order to influence a new perspective. This treatment lasts about 30 minutes.