LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) Q1000

What is it?
LLLT is therapeutic energy that can be used to reduce faulty brain proprioception.

How does it work?
Lasers reduce pain by causing the body to produce their own endorphins. Photons, which are emitted by the LLLT, enable injured cells to normalize by stimulating them to initiate bio-chemical reactions that produce enzymes and ATP. Eventually surrounding cells are also stimulated by the enzyme production and normalize as well. LLLT also increases the blood flow to the treatment area. 

What are the benefits?
The LLLT can relieve chronic pain, inflammation, promote healing of acute injuries, stimulate lymphatic drainage, release tight muscles, assist in bone repair.

What is the procedure?
The LLLT is a small device that is applied to the area of need. The treatment lasts for about 20 minutes.