Rice Paper Wraps with Sauce

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Eating a salad when constantly being on the go is not always an option. But what if you could just squish that salad into a wrap, and use your dressing as a dipping sauce? Much easier to travel to work with, and compact enough for a lunch box. Here is a recipe with our favorite. This recipe is for approximately one serving. Adjust according to your needs, and do not be afraid to experiment!

Nut-Butter Dipping Sauce
Tablespoon of nut butter
Teaspoon of coconut aminos
Crushed & minced Garlic clove
Teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (or to taste)
Dash of salt and pepper
Small pinch of Cayenne

Directions:  Gather the ingredients and mix! Depending on the consistency that you desire add water to thin or nut butter to thicken. If making a larger batch, you can throw everything into a blender for a consistent mix. The longer you let this sauce sit, the more the garlic infuses.

Healthy Salad Rolls
Rice Paper Wraps (available in white rice or brown rice)
Rice noodles (omit for low carb)
Coconut Aminos
Fresh Mint
Fresh Basil


1. Prepare all of your ingredients. It helps to have the Mango, Chicken, and Cucumber cut into slices.
2. Choosing a butter lettuce, red leaf, or romaine helps to hold ingredients together when wrapping. Separate a few large leaves to have them ready.
3. Cook the rice noodles according to the package. After they are done and drained add in a few splashes of Coconut Aminos in order to add some flavor.
4. Prepare a pan or bowl with warm water that is larger than size of your rice paper wraps. Have a non-porous surface ready to roll everything up on.
5. Submerge a single rice paper wrap in the warm water, after about 30 seconds the rice paper should be pliable.
6. Shake off excess water and lay the rice paper down.
7. Lay out the lettuce first, you can use the lettuce to help contain the ingredients.
8. Add in the chicken, mango, herbs, cucumber, and arugula. Try to get even distribution and leave a few inches on the left and right.
9. Adding the rice noodles on top helps to weigh down any unruly arugula and herbs.
10. Once everything is settled on the rice paper, you can wrap it up! If you know how to wrap a burrito it is very similar.
11. Fold both sides in and then roll the unfolded sides while trying to tuck in the ingredients. Rice paper tends to be sticky, and so the rice paper will self seal! This means there is no need for a toothpick or laying on the seam in order.
12. Ready to eat!

It may seem like a lot of steps, but once you make one, they are really easy to make again. These are great to take to work! Just make sure to wrap them in a non-porous material or give them some space, otherwise they tend to stick to each other and do not want to let go. We encourage you to experiment with different fillings and sauces! These are a great way to get some good salad ingredients in with a little less mess.


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