Laser Energetic Detox (LED): Unique healing at the junction of ancient and quantum medicine

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Everything old is new again.

Amazing how a technique from long ago can meet a new technique and they end up enhancing each other. You just never know what will compliment each other on a long enough time line.

In the realm of healing, we’re surrounded by many strong, proven approaches to wellness.

We use a detoxification procedure called Laser Energetic Detox (LED) extensively. We use it because it works.

Originally developed by Lee Cowden, MD, you can find detailed information about this procedure at

To really understand how elegant and brilliant the LED procedure is, you need to understand homeopathy and the quantum energetics of our biological body. I can’t even begin to explain the detail of these things in such a short post here, but I can start to give you a sense of this method.

In homeopathy we can create a nosode. A nosode is a remarkable dilute and energetic preparation of a particular substance. Often the substance has a noxious quality – such as a toxin or microbe. In the more classic homeopathy of a century ago, the treatment of something like lead poisoning would involve giving a homeopathic nosode of lead. The understanding was that the essence of the lead in the nosode would create a resonance with the Lead in the body. This would mobilize the lead and allow the body to excrete it. Lead gets stuck in the bones and organs, so getting it moving is important.

The older techniques work well. We do find though that today we need to move faster with the detox process. So we combine the classic homeopathic techniques with energetic medicine. If you pass a low energy laser through the vial containing the homeopathic nosode solution, the laser becomes encoded with the information in the solution. Then by passing this laser over the person, you transmit the energetic information to them, creating the desired resonance. The body then excretes the toxin as before. The only difference being that the laser moves the whole process along more quickly.

Now I know this all of this may sound a bit wild, but bear with me while I share a couple of stories.

The first involves an autistic child. The mother brought her child in after hearing Dr. Cowden speak. She was convinced that her child had mercury poisoning, but repeated sophisticated tests used to diagnose mercury turned up negative. This can happen at times, especially if the toxin is buried in the bones and organs of the body. Since the harm of doing the LED procedure for mercury was virtually zero, we decided to see what would happen. After two LED procedures, we repeated the urine test and the amount of mercury present was off the charts. From there we could follow up with supplements and other approaches to get the child back to health.

The second story involves a man who had some serious but non-specific neurological problems that baffled his doctors. He’s an engineer and it became clear he felt skeptical about the LED procedure being proposed. A part of the procedure requires that the person take some special supplements after the laser procedure. When you stir things up with the LED procedure a person can feel toxic and ill. The supplements bind to the toxins in the gut and blood and help with their elimination to keep the person from feeling ill.

The LED procedure itself is quite simple. Because of this the engineer really felt skeptical afterwards. After all, something presented as so powerful should be more complex. Right? I imagine many people might feel this way. As a result, he didn’t tell me that he became convinced that it was all a just a bunch of hocus-pocus. So he took none of the supplements and followed none of the instructions I gave him.

Over the next 24 hours he began to to feel increasingly worse. After a time he finally called me. I urged him to start the detox supplements and within an hour he felt much better.

Later, when I called to schedule the second of the two LED procedures, he was reluctant. The procedure shifted in his mind from something silly to something being a serious procedure which he needed time to prepare for. He felt the powerful effect the procedure could create so quickly.

In short, detoxification plays an important part in helping people get better and the LED procedure is one of the most effective detox procedures I know. We want you to know that we take these methods seriously and that we work to show their effectiveness over and over again. Since we try to find safe approaches, our hope is that you can trust us to see if it works.

Just Try It. Then let us know what you find.

To Your Health!


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