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Light-Kinesiology is an independent and coherent method that describes a milestone on the way to a drug free
medicine. Over the last few years, it has been confirmed again and again, that people seeking help, feel
significantly more energized after reducing regulation-limiting factors and gain more quality of life and
enjoyment in everyday life. Immediately after or even during the Light-Kinesiological treatment, the patient
most of the time feels much more comfortable. In addition, he usually feels more alert and fresher.
However, it is important that the burden of electrosmog should be significantly reduced at home and in
general, as the effect of the treatment is significantly greater and lasts longer.
What is this Light-Kinesiology?
This is a method by which we use kinesiology muscle testing (or other appropriate testing methods) to
investigate where blockages are present. We work almost exclusively in the light body of the human, this
means in the field of energy of the patient, here we are looking for stress, in order to reduce or solve it
The treatment is based on the development of Biophoton Realignment Mirrors according to Renzo Celani.
In a simple way, interference fields can be eliminated; Physical and mental stress caused by them is
significantly reduced.
Mirrors and Light-Kinesiology have an effect on chronic as well as acute complaints. There are numerous
fields of application.
A consistent and experienced treatment process resolves blockages in a meaningful order to achieve the
maximum effect in one session. Approaches that we use are the aura acupuncture, various test kits with
toxins, sabotage programs, solving emotional issues, reducing the stress of electro smog and much more.
Both, the self-applicable mirrors and Light-Kinesiology as an overall concept are effectively incorporated
into the holistic therapy work. Both can also support other methods, be it the Dorn method, the Sophia
matrix therapy or similar.
How where the mirrors develop?
Renzo Celani is an intuitive healer of modern times. As a result of a personal stroke of fate, he had given up
his job and turned increasingly to the needy. Doctors, scientists, researchers and patients opened doors for
him in laboratories and institutes, where his work and his skills were documented.
After not being able to teach healing to those who wanted to learn how to do it, he wondered if it was not
possible to “recreate” the healing hands as he used them. Thus, he was inspired to develop Biophoton
Realignment Mirrors, so he finally named his invention.
How can you imagine the mirrors?
All mirrors are similar to a camera lens. They are made of gold, silver and aluminum and have an individual
cut. For their development, Renzo sometimes searched over 2 years for materials that could achieve the
desired effect. It needed surfaces that could reflect as much as possible of the light emitted by the patient
himself – without burglary in certain wavelength ranges of the light spectrum.
The principle behind it: the body is reformed with its own ordered light. Chaotically radiating photons
emanating from disturbed parts of the body are absorbed by a filter then given back with signals of healthy
order to the one seeking help. The more order, the better the communication works as a whole. An
incoherent system is thus “infected” with coherence and thus stimulated to function physiologically again.
Health can be restored.
Most therapists work with 3-8 mirrors, some with up to 13. Every mirror has an optimal range of
effectiveness, but also limited by the material of the filter. The mirrors complete each other and together
they cover the widest possible spectrum of light.
The filter ensures that only the linear, polarized more coherent and health-promoting light is reflected back.
If one were to treat without such a filter, incoherent and therefore pathogenic light could be reflected back.
What happens then, we do not know. However, there is the possibility that a mirror without a filter can
promote or enhance pathological processes.
So it’s very important to note that all mirrors always have to have a built-in or pre-screwed filter. Without
filters, no treatments should be performed!
By working with the mirrors, every therapist has a new opportunity to help acute and chronic patients in an
effective and sustainable way.
Due to the almost exclusive work in the light body with the kinesiological muscle test or other test methods,
foreign influences, structural problems and much more are found and treated directly.
How does a treatment work?
During therapy, the patient lies on a couch, and the practitioner kinesiologically, with the tensor or other
test methods, checks for blockages, mental or physical stress, exposure to toxins of various kinds, sabotage
programs, etc. can be found. Then he looks for a matching mirror that can resolve the stress. He moves this
in gentle, slow and circular movements away from the body of the patient, and then return to the starting
point. Then the mirror is put aside and checked whether the stress is still present. If so, either the same
mirror is moved again on another level in space to find the resolution point of the topic and treat it. Or a
new mirror is searched, depending on what the test indicates.
It is treated until the stress is greatly reduced or has dissolved. In the meantime, healing reactions usually
occur in the patient, which we call the YIN state. This can be a general relaxation, the patient is calmer, feels
conspicuously well or comfortably tired and much more. This indicates that the body is processing what is
being treated. At the end of the session we will test which supporting substances the patient still needs in
order to achieve the best possible treatment result.
In summary: We are looking kinesiologically for blockages that limit the patient’s ability to regulate on a
physical and / or emotional level. Then we treat them with the mirrors until the stress has disappeared or at
least significantly reduced. This means that in the context of treatment, the person regains his natural
regulatory capacity or reactivates his inner healing powers.
Supported by primarily those agents that can potentially block released toxins, the healing process at the
physical level continues over the following weeks. On the mental and emotional level, the treatment may be
accompanied by special flower essences, e.g. with those of Diana Mossop. I have also had very good
experiences with homeopathic individual remedies (high potency).
What do we observe with a mirror treatment?
For humans and their health, light and water are necessary, because without these basic components life is
not possible. The more ordered the light and the structure of the water in the human body, the healthier is
its organism. When applying the Biophoton Realignment Mirrors, we have a direct influence on it. As a
therapeutic tool, they are capable of positively influencing order and function in a disturbed system. Various
methods of measurement can visualize these changes, including a blood analysis, heart rate variability test
(HRV), EEG spectral analysis, electroacupuncture and the like.
Also investigations of Dr. med. Walter Medinger, a renowned water researcher (Institute IIREC, Krems a.d.
Danube, Austria), as well as Dr. med. Wilhelm Höfer (Wasserstudio Bodensee, Überlingen) have shown what
a special effect the mirrors have on water and its quality.
Dr. Medinger, after examining tap water which was treated with the mirrors for only a few minutes: “The
results found on the Biophoton Realignment mirror treated water sample are absolutely unique and unique
among the dozens of water samples that we have studied for 12 years strength and sharpness of the
expression of the resonances, as well as the coincidence of the resonances with the control frequencies of
the human organism according to Paul Schmidt and the almost complete coverage of these frequencies. ”
After bioresonance pioneer Dipl.-Ing. Paul Schmidt the quality of a water increases for the human organism,
the more control frequencies are contained in it. As a result, the examined water had become a kind of
“healing water”.
Dr. Höfer carried out a spagyric crystal analysis. His colleague Berthold Heusel recorded by various darkfield
microscopic investigations, which enormously different structures of Überlinger tap water had, it was
mirrord only 2 for minutes and compared to unmirrored water. Also observed that the longer the water
stood, the higher its quality became.
Such impressive changes were evident even in the exclusion zone or EZ water discovered by Prof. Gerald
Pollack. This refers to the fourth state of aggregation of water. The “Exclusion Zone” (EZ) expanded under
mirror influence and stabilized, by 100% and more. This even after the influence of the mirrors disappeared.
Since our bodies are composed of at least 50-70% of this life-giving element, depending on their age,
treatment with the mirrors can directly influence the health of the stored water in cells and tissues.
The meaning of electrosmog.
With a mirror treatment, it is as if one starts a dominoeffect, which then continues to run. The healing
effect ceases only when a counter-movement arises that is greater than that caused by the mirrors.
Such a countermovement can e.g. be caused by electrosmog. The more the patient is exposed to WiFi,
cordless and mobile phones after a session, the less favorable it is for the success of the treatment.
Therefore, after mirror treatment, it is a must to minimize the amount of electrosmog so that the body can
remain self-regulating.
All in all, at home we should make sure to create a trouble-free zone without wireless networks.
The disturbing effect of electrosmog could be shown impressively under the dark field microscope during
the water investigations. The water seemed torn and without any structure. It is easy to imagine what effect
this radiation must have on our body, which consists mainly of water.
Possible applications of mirrors.
The application is not tied to any age. Even animals react very positively to a treatment. Whether asthma,
burns, pneumonia, diarrhea, muscle aches or various chronic symptoms – I have achieved in a few,
sometimes only a single session much more than I would have ever been achieved before.
Asthma that has existed for 3 decades for example, which had not been relieved by any previous therapy,
had disappeared by only two mirror treatments and this has remained so far. That was 2 years ago. Other
therapists report as well, again and again of very impressive healing effects.
A work without the mirrors is no longer conceivable in my practice. Overall, the treatments are easier and I
can do a lot more during one session in less time. In most cases, the patients leave happy and relaxed from
the treatment bench. In addition, I reach topics that seemed out of reach, as well as their solution. And last
but not least, diversionary cures, which used to be long and extensive, are now limited to just a few
remedies. In my eyes, this is a gift for both the patient and the therapist.
The Light-Kinesiology is very unique to me and in my eyes it represents a new dimension of healing.


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